Professional Massage Chairs


We have been recommending Massage for over 20 years, and we're very excited to be offering our valued clientele 3D professional strength, deep muscle massage chairs for home or clinical use!

Why is massage so beneficial for our body?

A lot of people who have a massage say afterwards, "I feel WONDERFUL!"

But do they know WHY they feel so good? We all know that massage relaxes tight muscles, but do we know why that is so important?

Here are 4 bodily functions that can improve with using a Deep Muscle Massage Chair:

1) Blood flow is enhanced
2) Lymphatic fluid flows better
3) Nerve impulses are improved
4) Joints can decompress and realign

We offer two of the leading brands of Massage Chairs in the world:



   "Inada" made the first Massage Chairs back in 1962, so they have a proven track record of 53 years. They are the only Massage Chairs still manufactured in Japan, and the other manufacturers have all gone to China. "Inada" Massage Chairs are considered to be the best Massage Chairs made.







"Human Touch" Massage Chairs have been made for over 35 years, and are excellent quality, and are exclusively endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).




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